Don’t wear a jumpsuit if you’re going roller-skating

Don’t wear a jumpsuit if you’re going roller-skating

You reminded me of those roller skating rinks on Sundays. All of my cousins and I would load up from all these different towns and go there and they’d be playing music and we’d roller skate around the circle. And all those big dance halls. Those big barns where everyone went and danced every Saturday. It was so fun. That was Cedar Rapids. Then there were barns that had huge dance floors where people would go on Saturdays and dance.

•Well if you dance country, I discovered once I went to the Eagles Club in the small town where I lived for 30 years, there’s a certain way you kind of go around in a circle. You don’t just move around, you’ve got to get in the groove as far as the group.

•And old time dancing.

•I have a funny story about roller skating. You have to be mindful about what you wear when you roller skate. When I was young, I made the mistake of—this was back in the ‘70s—wearing a bodysuit, like jumpsuit-type thing with a bodysuit underneath and tights. If you have to go to the bathroom, forget it. You have to start from scratch.

•I remember doing that Rock Around the Clock on roller skates because you’re doing swing dancing while you’re roller skating, and you go backwards and all of that crazy stuff.

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