A meaningful place: the Indiana Knobs

A meaningful place: the Indiana Knobs

I was raised in southern Indiana.  And we have the knobs.  The knobs aren’t as big as mountains, but they’re rolling hills.  And a ranger told us that during the ice age, the reason we have such a variety of colors in trees is the way the ice age was.  People go to the north east, that’s all red.  But in my area of the country, it’s a full color spectrum: you have the reds, the oranges, the yellows, it’s absolutely beautiful in the fall.

[The knobs…Would that be like bluffs here?  Like if people talk about bluffs here in the Midwest is that something similar to the type of mountains or small hills you’re talking about?  Are knobs kind of like bluffs?]

They’re rolling hills.

[With trees or mostly bare?]

Oh, full of trees.

[Sounds beautiful.]

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