My Sunday School teacher

My Sunday School teacher

A person who was very important to me was my Sunday school teacher.

She—it was an older woman—she was so spiritual.  I don’t think I’ve ever known a woman that was more spiritual.  It was in a little country church, and so the class was not divided age-wise so much, it was a pretty wide range of ages.  We just all held her in the highest regard.  She knew her Bible.

[And you didn’t listen, did you?]

Of course I did!

She was a very humble person, and she was really elderly, but we all just had the greatest respect and love for her.  She was quite special. My family did not go to church as such, but my sister and I started out in Sunday school.  I always enjoyed Sunday school.  We walked about eight blocks on a Sunday morning when we started going, and then when we lived in the country, we would start along the road—we didn’t have a car—and someone used to pick us up going to church.  But I’ve always enjoyed Sunday school.  I still go to Sunday school.

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