Plants: they give us food

Plants: they give us food

[Mom:] Just talk about what’s important to you.  Why are your plants important to you?

[Kid:] Because they give us food.

[Mom:] And you’ve had fun watching them grow over the summer?

[Kid:] Yeah.

[M:] You’ve been planting them and working hard and admiring them every day?

[K:] Mm-hmm.

[M:]  And we’ve been enjoying the food that you’ve grown.

[K:] Mm-hmm.

[adult:] And it says on his sheet that he started from seeds. Very impressive.

[K:] I have a whole bunch of seeds and a whole bunch of containers.

[M:] And what are the seeds of? What did you plant that you really loved? What have we grown?

[K:] Tomatoes.  Cilantro.  Forget-me-nots. Basil. Peppers. Carrots.

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