Just a smile

Just a smile

I get Meals on Wheels delivered to me.  Just for noon time, Mondays through Friday, and this one lady says, “You know,”–it sounds like I’m bragging on myself, but the inspiration you know comes from within me–and she said, “I like to come to your door because you always have a smile on your face.”  And I said, “Really?” And she said yes I do.  And you know, I thought to myself, “I’ve got to keep smiling.”  Except for my enemies I won’t.  But I’ve always, even in high school they said, “You have a ready smile,” you know.  But that made me feel good.  She was really nice.  She said, “You always have a smile on your face.”


Well, it made me feel good inside and I thought inspiration, if I can keep on doing it I have  I hope that person feels good too.

Just a smile. That’s all.  Just a smile.


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