Brother’s D18 Martin guitar

Brother’s D18 Martin guitar

You know what this is?  This is cheap, but good, therapy.  This came to mind right away because it’s kind of new, and it is a hard question.  I acquired my brother’s 1967—well, first of all, I’m from a musical family, and my brother was 4 years older, great musician, teacher, plays everything.  I acquired his D18 Martin Guitar 1967 when he passed away a couple of years ago.  So it’s kind of a sad story, but I love it and I take good care of it.  I don’t play, unfortunately, so I have that—I want to say delusion—I have that problem because it needs to be played, and I don’t want to give it away. I should learn.

[Take some lessons.]

It was his number one instrument. I keep him alive through it, and I take really good care of it, and I get it out all the time.  Pretend to play a few stupid songs.

[I’ll just say that singing the type of folk music that we’re singing here, like the songs in these books, don’t take very many chords.  You could take lessons for a month, and you would be able to play and sing along probably with a lot of the songs we do.]

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