Games, cottonmouths, and knives

Games, cottonmouths, and knives

We played outside a lot as kids.  There were a lot of children in my neighborhood.  And we played tag and hide and seek. I’m trying to think of the one where you go fast and the person on the end goes speeding off, crack the whip. Yeah.  And we played a lot of jacks and I lived close to the creek and we were not supposed to go in it, but we did.  Then if the, the bottom was slick and you fell, then we had to find a way to dry our clothes off.

[I presume you took off your shoes to go in the creek.]

Yeah. Well there was the fear of snakes there.  That was one reason we were supposed to stay away from the creek. Cottonmouth I think, so yeah.

[You lived in the city but you lived near a creek.]

Yes. And then we moved to the country and I went to a country school. Oh, and you know, boys cannot carry a knife now, back then, everyone had a knife.  You weren’t dressed without your knife.  And we played mumblety peg.  Did you ever play mumblety peg?

[And knives were to whittle with mostly right? Not for stabbing cottonmouths.]

Yes. And if you were a boy scout you had a boy scout knife.  That was just standard equipment.

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