Memorizing the church building

Memorizing the church building

A meaningful place for me is my church because when we first moved here, my dad was finishing up work, and I needed to stay at the church with my mom because she works there.  And I would just stay there, and pretty soon, I had the whole place memorized.  I could go anywhere in there and I could find my way back to where I started in like 10 minutes.  I was very, very quick when it came to the church, and it was summer so I had the whole place to myself.  No camps, no clubs, no nothing.  So I was just alone there, and I felt very happy there. I felt like I could just stay here for hours.  It was like, stay where you are, Dad, I’m happy here.

[Did you have a favorite place in the church?]

Yes, I loved the library because it had these spinny chairs you could just roll around on, and they had books that were probably over 50 years old.  They were so old, there was like Greek mythology, all kinds of different books.  There was one whole book that was probably like this thick and it was all about Mark.  Like you know Matthew, Mark, and Luke, and John?  Like just one big book totally devoted to Mark.  I didn’t even know books that big existed.

[Then you started reading it?]

No, I didn’t. I just looked at it.


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