Humanity is just so beautiful

Humanity is just so beautiful

I feel like humanity is just so beautiful when you take time to actually just listen to people talk about the most important things.  Life seems like a really rich experience even if it’s been hard.  It seems also more amusing—that perspective I appreciated in this group too.

The beautiful thing about aging is that if you think about it, looking back, all of the things that were hard or that you were sad about—it was your own creation, you did it.  You learn from that.  You may be sad, but there’s a reason for it.  It’s to learn to wake up and go forward.

[Is that another reason you were saying the best time is now for you?]

Yeah.  It’s more fun now just because you have things to think about and things to compare to: the way it used to be done, the way it’s done now.  How many things you do actually miss just because they’ve engineered all the good out of a lot of stuff.

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