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You are welcome to sing and share our songs! Here are the scores and recordings we made.

Water is our ancient song

Looking Back Looking Forward

How Can It Be Both?

Forever Home

A lie is a lie

We Are Change
We Are Change melody

Wasn’t that a time?

Ribbon of Road

The Single Tree

Joy of Growing Up

We the People

Water, Looking Back, How Can It Be Both, We Are Change, Single Tree, Joy of Growing Up, and We the People performed by the Family Folk Machine and the Awful Purdies (Sarah Cram, Katie Roche, Marcy Rosenbaum, Katie Senn, and Nicole Upchurch), with Jeffrey C. Capps, Celia Dunnington, Craig “Pappy” Klocke, Tara McGovern, and Lynn Partridge. Recorded June 1, 2017, by Dan Bobek of Bee Sound; mixed and mastered by Bee Sound.

Forever Home, A Lie, Wasn’t That a Time, and Ribbon of Road performed by the Family Folk Machine with the FFM Band (Craig “Pappy” Klocke, Jean Littlejohn, Dave Parsons, Jim Schepker, and Caleigh Stanier). Recorded on April 30, 2017, by Senior Center Television. Mastered by Dan Bobek of Bee Sound.