Reflections and synthesis of previous stories

Reflections and synthesis of previous stories

It’s interesting to me to what makes a person special to somebody.  Clearly, your grandfather just had all of these talents that he shared so wonderfully, or a person who just out of the blue says something.  What makes a person special to you?

Yeah, and how it sticks.  I mean, that one short moment he had with that guy.

And people from your past, too.  You might have a treasured possession from someone that’s gone but you also might have—like to me I have treasured sayings or philosophies that sometimes seem to carry me through some of the hard times.  Or even just something funny.

It’s like the words somehow nurture you.  They strengthen you, they inspire you.  You know, it was interesting, the story of the magician, your grandpa?  It was also because he was your grandpa.  That’s a pretty special relationship. But those gifts that were given out—there were words attached, and those words weren’t pebbles, they were like mountains that were being delivered that became kind of stable things upon which each child could stand and identify themselves. That was incredibly powerful.  This is why I think music, the composing experience here—normally I’m really structured, but I think I’m just kind of enjoying seeing where this goes because I think it will manifest.  I don’t think we need to sort of get somewhere or hurry up please it’s time.  I think it’ll just evolve.

I like the magician story, too.  I mean, it’s a personal story; it’s your grandfather, but just the idea of magic.

He never told us how he did it all.

I love that.

He never told us.

Maybe there are things you felt like maybe you don’t want to learn because the mystery is there.

No, I wanted to learn it!  But he didn’t tell us.

And just how that adds into the idea of story writing.

I think it’s magic.

Yeah, real possibilities there.

I like the grandpa part.  I think you do, too.  The grandpa part of her story.  That’s nice.

Just kind of a little theme here of gifting.  Of gifts being given, you know, the grandpa and the recipe cards and your mom’s thing.  The gifts of the animals.

You can give the gift of time, treasure, and talent: things you can do that no one else can do.

That’s very powerful, really; gifting.

Special people could be really close to you, or could be somebody you don’t even know, who you see for 15 seconds.

That guitar that was so expensive.


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