Scooters and wagons

Scooters and wagons

Is there something that anyone said that sparked your memory about something else?  And certainly, it did for me, to think way back during the war.  You know, when a lot of people weren’t having fun, what we still did for fun.

I had a couple of mice.

And so, blowing up things, playing hide-and-seek in the rhubarb, fishing.

I also played Jacks as well.  And I did read as well.

Oh yeah, I read.

I read.  Yeah.

Tried to read all the books in the library.

And the school had a program, if you read ten books during the summer vacation.  Then we’d walk to the library, which was quite a hike, but yeah.

And did anyone ever have a skate-scooter? When your roller skates started to wear out, you’d take a skate apart and…

Put it on a board.  I did that sure.

Put it on a board, yeah.

I had a skateboard, yeah a skateboard.

A skateboard is what you mean?  A skateboard, not a skate-scooter.


The first skateboard.

Yeah, those were the orange crate days.  You had wood available.

Yeah, the orange crate baskets.

I don’t remember putting the roller skate wheels on a board.  But, I do remember that.

Breaking your arm.

There were scooters.

Yeah, but they were expensive.

I tried unsuccessfully once or twice.

Scooters and wagons.

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