Whinny like a horse

Whinny like a horse

Another thing I did in the country was I saw my first meadowlarks, learned how to imitate them, and I learned how to imitate horses, too. And then when I was a senior at U-High, one of our band pieces called for the whinny of a horse for a sound effect; and when the band director said that, I whinnied and he said, “You’ve got the job.”

[Yeah, and with your horses, I remember I learned how to ride a horse, but I forgot to learn how to stop him.  Just like the bike.  And I ended up holding on to his tail.  That was the end of my horse riding.  Forget that.]

I remember we hiked to Fort Defiance State Park for the bible school picnic at our church.  Our pastor’s wife had to stop me from whinnying like a horse because we had the horses that were in the pasture alongside where we were hiking, trying to follow us.

[Good thing you didn’t have a sound for the bulls, huh?]

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