“Why didn’t you sing?”

“Why didn’t you sing?”

I have a story that might be able to be made into a song.

I went to church, and Mother was famous in church because she was the soloist.  My dad hardly ever went to church, but this one day he went to church.  I was sitting next to him, we stood up to sing.  For whatever, reason, I don’t remember my motivation, but I sang my heart out.  I just sang really loud for me, the best I could do.  And he turns to me and says afterward, “Why didn’t you sing?”  What?!? What?!?  And I couldn’t…Either he was making fun of me or he didn’t hear me.  Neither choice was good.  And as you see, I still remember.

[And you still don’t know the answer?]

No. I didn’t question him.  I didn’t say, “What do you mean?”  I didn’t pursue it.  I was embarrassed to death.

[Maybe he thought what you were doing was not singing, huh?]

Well, I don’t know if it was just sarcastic like, “Why did you have to sing so loud?”  Or, but I wasn’t sure because I hardly ever sang loud.

[And you were how old when this happened?]

That is a good question.  I think I was pre-adolescent, but yeah.

[Well, we’re glad you kept singing.]

Well, you see, that’s something I still remember.  And it affected me, and yet here I am in this choir.


[And we’re glad to have you. And you’re a good singer.]

Well, I don’t know about that.

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