Sing along with Mitch

Sing along with Mitch

I came of age about the same time as Elvis.  Well, that’s the music I remember and Elvis and Ricky Nelson and the Everly Brothers.  You know, back in the day, and I think that what I really liked was the harmony.  So I got into the Beach Boys a little bit and then into folk music with some really good harmonies, and that’s why I like the Family Folk Machine so much.  I just love listening to these people and their harmonies.  But I do remember my father used to watch Mitch Miller.  I don’t know if any of you remember Mitch Miller.

[Oh my gosh, yeah.]

A lot of you don’t remember Mitch Miller, but there was a weekly program on where they would harmonize.  They would sing old tunes.  My father traveled and that was the one night that I could be at home with my father.  I have fond memories of watching Sing along with Mitch [Miller].

[Sing Along with Mitch, I remember that also.]

There was a bouncing ball.  The words would be on the screen and you’d go da-da-da and you’d sing along. They wanted at everyone at home to sing along.


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