Big sister

Big sister

Sort of going along with sort of the changed relationship, I think one that’s changed is the one with my sister.  Because she’s an older sister and so, when I was growing up I felt like I had two and a half parents. And she’s good at music, and she did piano, violin.  She was in the Iowa Highland Pipes–it was her and a bunch of people our dad’s age. When I was older I started being more competitive, and now I think she’s probably my best friend and is supportive of me.  She’s watched a couple of our practices when she’s been in town.

[So sisters and brothers can be, can turn out to be best friends.  Did you kids understand what David said about how he had two and a half parents, and what he meant?]

* When his sister knew that his parents were expecting another child, Betsy said, that’s his sister, “It’s going to be a boy and his name is such-and-such.”  And that’s what they named him.

[Luckily you turned out to be a boy!]

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